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Our Philosophy

Attorney John C. Bigler's Approach to Family Law

At the Law Offices of John C. Bigler, we work for you! We offer high-quality legal guidance through the difficult family law situation you are experiencing. From the start of your case, we can pursue the outcome you are hoping to achieve. Whether your case involves a complex child custody issue or a dispute over the division of property, we can fight hard on your behalf to ensure the protection of your rights. At our firm, the client is the decision maker. During a case evaluation, we can discuss your goals and objectives to determine what route we should take in light of your unique circumstances.

Our Palmdale divorce lawyer takes great measures to ensure that each client's needs are met. Our firm is very concerned with trying to determine the client's needs, and we tailor our work in a way that ensures that they receive the result they need. Our attorney listens and is able to adjust his strategy to the suit personal goals of the client. The longer it takes to complete a case, the more expensive it may be for the client, so we carefully assess the advantages and disadvantages of every option. During the case assessment, our attorney sits down with the client to draft a reasonable settlement offer. Based on our experience, about 80 to 90% of cases can be resolved with a reasonable settlement agreement.

Our High-Quality Business Model

Our firm's philosophy includes a low-key and high-quality business model. We try to make our firm user friendly so that all of our clients can achieve the results they need. This is accomplished by creating a strategic action plan that aims to achieve the quickest possible conclusion for the case. After the case assessment, Attorney Bigler creates an action plan based on the client's wishes and what is in his or her best interest.

In some cases, the best action may be to immediately proceed to court because the outcome of a family law case is often determined by what the lawyer does in the first 48 hours of the case. In other situations, the best solution is to proceed slowly to keep costs low or to pursue settlement negotiations. Overall, our philosophy is to determine what is in the best interest of the client, assess their goals, and then take action based on those factors. Contact our firm at your earliest convenience to handle your divorce to ensure that your rights are protected!