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Palmdale Divorce Lawyer

Helping Clients Successfully Resolve Family Law Issues

California has a divorce rate of 75%. What this means is that three out of every four marriages end in divorce. California has sometimes been referred to as the divorce capital of the world, and the state's current divorce statistics are still shockingly high. Our divorce lawyer represents clients throughout the state of California with more than 20 years of legal experience. With the involvement of a knowledgeable and dedicated attorney, you can have confidence that you will achieve a favorable result in your case.

We offer direct legal representation to each client we assist. Rather than handing clients off to our firm's support staff, our attorney handles all important aspects of every case. Our support staff prepare paperwork and implement the case plan created by our lawyer. Lead Attorney Bigler will remain in direct contact with the client to make the necessary decisions for the case. At the Law Offices of John C. Bigler, our focus is to provide clients with professional legal representation. We understand the challenges you are facing if you are suffering the effects of a divorce or another family law issue.

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Our Palmdale divorce lawyer is a family-oriented individual. If your family is in dire need of professional legal assistance, we can provide the resources you require. With a personable and caring disposition, Attorney Bigler carefully directs clients through each step of their cases. We are dedicated to the cases we handle and often perform research after hours to ensure that clients receive the best possible result. With the knowledge that our firm possesses, we can provide clients with answers to their questions almost immediately. If you are in need of legal guidance, you will not have to jump through hoops to get answers!

In addition to investing personal interest and time into each client, our Palmdale divorce lawyer has credentials that set us apart from other law firms. Attorney Bigler is a certified family law specialist who is especially adept at handling complex divorce and child custody cases, assisting individuals who are struggling through some of the most litigated issues within the field of family law. He also has additional training in mediation and arbitration for uncontested divorce cases! Another attribute that speaks to our firm's experience is that our lawyer has appeared in almost every courthouse in the Los Angeles County as well as appearing in other counties throughout the state of California.

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At the Law Offices of John C. Bigler, we have a low-key and high-quality business model that we use to make our firm user friendly. From the start of each family law case, we create an action plan and then try to conclude it quickly to ensure that the client incurs the least amount of expenses possible. During the client's case evaluation, we encourage the client to voice all of his or her concerns. Once the client has made the decision to pursue action in court, we can address all of the necessary aspects and use the most aggressive strategies available. Complex issues such as business evaluations and domestic violence cases must be handled in court. Our firm has the years of experience and expertise with individual judicial officers to ensure that you will achieve the best possible result.

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Whether you need assistance with paternity terms, a complex divorce, or a child support dispute, our firm is available during each step of your case. We can continually discuss your goals and pursue the most favorable result. Whether your plan includes court or an alternative dispute resolution process that ensures minimal costs to you, we offer flexible options for each family law case we take on. Our lawyer understands the California laws pertaining to your case and can pursue a solution for your benefit. Gain further information about your situation by scheduling a case evaluation.