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When two parents separate or divorce, the issue of child custody will have to be resolved. The parent who is not given custody can be given visitation rights. In the future, child custody arrangements may have to be modified if one parent's circumstances change significantly. If you are seeking child custody, we encourage you to schedule a case evaluation with our Palmdale divorce attorney. We are able to assist clients through a variety of cases, including interstate and international custody disputes. We can help you find the best legal solution if one parent is guilty of domestic violence. No matter what your situation, our firm can help safeguard your rights.

Determining the Child's Best Interests

When determining a child custody order, both parents will start with joint custody because the judge is not allowed to give preference based on the sex of the parents. In California, judges who are evaluating child custody primarily consider the child's best interests.

The child's best interest is determined when the court examines several considerations:

  • Health, safety, and welfare of child
  • Child's benefit of contact with both parents
  • Child's preference
  • Continuity and stability of child
  • Co-parenting skills of both parents

Types of Custody Available in California

The court will also base child custody on the available options. The parent's authority to participate in the child's life is at stake when child custody is established, so it is crucial to enlist the help of our firm. There are four types of custody: physical, legal, joint, and sole.

Physical custody refers to the child's physical state. Legal custody is the parent's ability to make major decisions that affect the child's education, religious affiliation, and healthcare. Either joint or sole custody can be awarded. Joint custody is awarded when both parents share legal and physical custody. Sole custody is when one parent is given all authority regarding the child.

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